New Additions to MCBP

We recently did some new work at Mountain Creek Bike Park in Vernon, NJ. The Trail Crüe got rid of the horrible turns on Domboo, and replaced them with much more novice friendly banked turns. We also just opened up the Bag Jump for the season. Watch the vids to see what I’m talking about….

MCBP-Domboo Improvements from Mountain Creek Bike Park on Vimeo.

Bag Jump is Open @ MCBP from Mountain Creek Bike Park on Vimeo.

Highland in October

Check out Adam Hauck, Mike Kent, and George Ryan in a recent trip to Highland Mountain Bike Park in New Hampshire. Shredding big jumps, indoor ramps, and loamy, brown pow glades!

Highland in October from George Ryan on Vimeo.

The Annual Whistler Trip

Check out the GoPro footage from the annual pilgrimage to Whistler for the Crankworx festival. Riders in the video include Aaron Chase, George Ryan, and Brian Smith. Some of the unique angles were shot using “The Arm” by GoPole. Check them out at GoPole

Whistler Trip 2012 from George Ryan on Vimeo.

Battle of Hellion POV

Last weekend was the “Battle of Hellion” 6-man downhill race at Highland Mountain Bike Park in New Hampshire. After qualifying 2nd earlier in the day, I ended up taking the main event win, just barely beating out Aaron Chase in a sprint to the finish. Check out my GoPro footage from the main event race, it gets exciting at the end.

Highland & 7 Springs

Here’s some video from a couple trips over the summer, including Highland Mountain Bike Park in New Hampshire, and Seven Springs Bike Park in Western Pennsylvania.

GR @ Highland & 7 Springs Bike Parks from George Ryan on Vimeo.

Gravity East race @ MCBP

George Ryan and the rest of the Mountain Creek Bike Park crüe race the first stop of the 2012 Gravity East race series.
Ignore the quality of the vid, had some issues.
Filmed by George Ryan & Jay Cagney
Edited by George Ryan

Adventures of GR – Gravity East DH Race @ Creek from George Ryan on Vimeo.

Getting sideways….

New video from Ben Stanziale. George Ryan & Justin Brigandi shredding Mountain Creek Bike Park.

Mountain Creek Bike Park- Early Season Whips on Pinkbike

The Boys Are Back in Town!!!

This is my newest video. It was made for Mountain Creek Bike Park. The O.G. trail crew is back and ready to bring the mountain back to it’s glory days! Myself, along with the rest of the trail crew have been working hard to get the trails ready for opening day, set for May 5th.

Enjoy the vid.